Thursday, November 24, 2016

National Art Center, Noh Theatre, and Snow.

 Sophia University, chapel.
Sophia University, chapel from the outside.
Gold's Gym (ad), just like in Philadelphia, in the subway.
National Art Center. Went to see a Salvador Dali exhibition. Lots of paintings and drawings, some jewelry, sculpture, and films.

National Art Center gift shop knick-knacks.

Side entrance to Noh theatre.
National Noh theatre building exterior. We attended a performance this evening - lots of dialogue, like kabuki. Less "operatic", however, kind of more austere. Not the music and gesture I am looking to research, but very interesting all the same - difficult not to fall asleep when you don't understand a word. It's like dialogue chess.
Beautiful interior of the noh theatre. Spotless, and pure design.

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