Saturday, November 12, 2016


We drove to Caen yesterday (Friday) from Paris and are now happily and gratefully housed by my French family.

The weather is grey and drizzly, but being with people you have known for nearly three decades and, basically, all your life, is something special. Especially the older one gets, one appreciates and cherishes the strong bonds that have improved with age.

Today a tour of downtown Caen, with a pitstop at an English restaurant where we had hot chocolate and then ate dinner at a new restaurant, French food, very good!
This was the salad here at the homestead, starter course. We are spoiled in a very good way. The French attitude towards food is marked by an attention to presentation, nuance in sauces, and a keen interest in the provenance of the ingredients, amongst others.

Tomorrow it is an excursion to Mont St. Michel to see the "floating abbey" and breathe the salt air.

Monday it's off on a road trip to...undecided as of quite just yet, but maybe St. Malo and Dinan, or perhaps Honfleur, Etretat, and Rouen, or maybe Bayeux and Balleroy.

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