Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rouen, Normandy.

Today we left Caen, along fall, tree-lined roads, towards Rouen after saying goodbye to my French family. In order to avoid tolls, we took the little roads. Somehow this happens often - the little roads are VERY little. Photo by Ken.
Photo by Ken.
So little and out of the way that the car GPS has no idea where we are. Photo by Ken.
 So we enjoyed the country vistas. Photo by Ken.
 Rouen Cathedral, under the clouds. Photo by Ken.
A dizzying amount of detail on the fa├žade. Photo by Ken.
 Half-timbered houses of Rouen. Photo by Ken, methinks.
One of the last, if not the last, ceramic artisan's shop in Rouen. Mostly traditional creations, but here's a ceramic-faced telecaster and other items, for the Modern Client.

 Imprint on a stone wall.
Wandering into an alley, half-timbered houses everywhere. Photo by Ken.
The Cathedral of Joan of Arc, shaped like a dragon, with the seasonally ubiquitous, in larger French towns, ferris wheel. Photo by Ken.
 Looking towards the Gros Horloge. Photo by Ken.
Inside Rouen Cathedral, the renaissance staircase. Photo by Ken.
 Photo by Ken.
Photo by Ken? Who knows.
I liked this motor. Steam punk. Looks like it might have fit in the yellow submarine.
The Aitria of St. Maclou, where bodies were buried during the 16th century plague in Rouen. These days it's an art school, but still, when you think of its past, kinda hard to imagine.
And a really pleasant surprise at the end of the day. Ken booked a room at a clown school (a real one) near Giverny, our last pit stop before returning the car in Paris tomorrow. This school, Cie Etincelle Bouillasse, is housed on a farm in an old hangar/house. Olivier is both farmer and clown. Quite different from a Motel 6...

Photo by Ken.

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