Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tokyo day off.

We found a Fred store while out looking for dinner.

Reunion today with a best friend from college days - two girls who used to walk proudly through the courtyard with their own sense of style, one with home-made clothes, the other with the world's straightest back, making heads turn.

Much has changed on campus, but a few of the european-style buildings, housing some professors, survive.
More in the series of stlange engrish. Commit to meat cuisine!
Red stamp white placemat.
Peco ni-chan!

I spent time today mixing sound for Ogre and took a walk around Ginza to get bento lunch and a few little things. Humbling when you can't say anything to the cash register clerk. Good motivation to learn the' reelz!

Tomorrow it's off to Kyoto, where I am looking forward to gardens, temples, shrines, greenery, and a teahouse or two. Tokyo's polished and modern, but it's the spiritual side of things here that holds the most interest (we'll see, anyway).

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