Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Visit from Ken.

My friend Ken arrived from California on Sunday for his first visit to Europe. We spent Sunday tooling around Montmartre. The air was cool but the sun was out and we listened to the nuns sing in Sacre Coeur, watched the Eiffel Tower keychain and friendship bracelet hawkers do their thing around "Amélie"'s steps and carousel, and had lunch/dinner at a nice bistro recommended by the guys sitting at a table in front.
Spent Monday shopping for shoe polish, gym shorts, and food at les Halles, then walked over to the Pompidou Center to check out the building and the gift shops. There's a Magritte exhibition going on, but today was more about wandering around outside.
Notre Dame at night.
 The central tympanum on the facade of Notre Dame, Jesus on Judgement Day. Maybe an appropriate image for the night before the US elections. Except we have no Jesus arbitrating the punch-up.
The Louvre, with one of its I.M. Pei pyramids, against a spooky fall sky.

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