Sunday, December 4, 2016

Leaving Nara.

A few images from this morning's short walk to the train station at Nara, on our way to Osaka.

This bit of Engrish is pretty, and makes total sense.
This one is a bit more wacky. The "Drink Drank" café could have added "Drunk" and I wouldn't have minded.

They make good smooties.

Cafés are popular. We've enjoyed several good breakfasts in super clean ones with reasonably-priced eggs, toast, and sausage dishes.

Not sure how it works, really, as the two ideas seem a bit contradictory at first blush, but here at the "Fast Relax Café" you can try to have your cake and eat it, too.
I've heard about places like this, where you can go in and pet a tethered owl while sipping a latté. Not really a fan of cooped up wildlife being pestered by humans, but an oddity worth noting.
At this romantic hairstylist's you can get a good parm.
Beautiful window arrangment of sumi ink brushes.
"Café of the Cry/Scream, Shout", past tense. In addition to Engrish, there's France-a-nese, or Japanaise.

Japan would be that much less interesting if someone corrected all these signs so they made sense to anglophones and francophones.
While screaming at the Café Crié, please enjoy a cup of happiness.
No toilet diving, please! This is not the proper approach to toilet use. The crazy things people do when you leave them alone in a tiny space to their own devices...
Deer's character: curious, patient, and generally law-abiding.
Being from Da Islands, this one struck a funny chord (maybe a half-diminished chord). "Moana Kapu" = Forbidden Ocean". Sort of an odd way to get people into your café, but...whatevahs, blah.
 It's also a place to throw darts. Even mo' frendly, yeah?
With its own shrine out front.

Brah, da japanee folks oney makin' any kine, sometimes.
Sage advice.

An' bustin' out da Mele Kalikimaka tunes in Nara Town, Kaulana. Geev 'em!

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