Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sit on a fish.

Go ahead, why not. Sit on a fish.

It snowed last night. It is melting on the roof this morning, 6am.

Whatever they put in the food at Minar Palace sure makes you sleepy! Don't know if it's the salt or some special, soporific ingredient, but it happens every time.

Awake at this early hour, it seems there is too much going on in this world, from the insanity and ongoing suffering of war, to attention-deficit, content-poor, manipulated entertainment news, to ethically uncertain, seemingly inexorable technological advance, to morally bankrupt leaders...where are we going?

On the other hand, there is micro-lending to help families gain economic independence, the opportunity to good in your local community, of investing in renewable energy, playing music, and taking a deep breath to slow down to a speed that allows one to digest, reflect, and make wise decisions about how to proceed in your little corner to be one of the butterflies effecting positive change down the line.

The tea set came in from Japan yesterday. I sent it, along with a few other things, including a pair of sandals that made my carry-on too fat, from Japan before leaving. Time to practice tea ceremony!

But first, those sound effects...

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