Monday, December 5, 2016

Tokyo one more time.

Rolled back into Tokyo for a day-and-a-half more of Japan before returning to Philadelphia.

We walked through the Meiji Temple park, a large, wooded area peopled with...people, and towering trees on very broad pedestrian streets that lead to one of Tokyo's finest temples.

The quiet and sober mood contrast strangely with the neighboring Omotesando shopping street, a glitzy mecca of consumerism gone wild.
Lots and lots of sake barrels.
Natural finish to the tori gate guarding the temple.

Meiji Temple, a good place for college students to go on dates or just wander the grounds.
Still fall colors at the beginning of December. Today, like yesterday and the day before, unseasonably warm, at around 61 degrees fahrenheit.
 Proof of presence.
Traditional-style streetlamp.
Train station (eki) between Meiji Temple and Omotesando.
Omotesando district, designer shops, kids with money, a cat café, blaring semi's blasting upcoming concerts up and down the street, and oh, so much more.
More Engrish for to appreciate.
Wandered inside this shopping mall (in the shopping street) for a glass of wine and a glass of cider. My mother talked to the bartender, who described how lots of bars have closed up in recent years due to former crowds of drunken salarymen being replaced by trendy, youngsters who don't drink, just buy clothes and snacks.

More strange French-a-nese.
 This is French-a-nese combined with a Hawaiian theme.
"To leave: cosmetic & beauty". Getting ready for the trip?
Gold's Gym is everywhere - Paris, and here, too.
"Today" accessories, before the boom. Whuh?
So there are cat cafés here, where you pay to go in an gently touch a harem of what looked to be sedated kitties, blasé as the girl at the cash register who explains the rules.

Not surprising from the country that came up with tamagotchi. Folks need more "skin-ship", it seems, that they maybe don't get from each other.

Down below, last photo (for some reason the cursor won't let me place it next to the image). Cousin I haven't seen for 44 years or so. I broke his Godzilla model the only other time we met. So sorry! He is still enthusiastic about the monster, and talked a bit about the latest film. A good man and his very nice wife.

Only one more full day here before skipping out fairly early in the morning to head back across the globe. This long journey comes to a conclusion.
Crows at the Meiji Temple, Tokyo. from Christopher Magee on Vimeo.

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