Saturday, February 11, 2017

New oldies.

photo courtesy of Tamiko Mackie.

Then, playing in front of chapel, where the musicians escaped religion class: Idiot Wind, Down On Main Street, Dandelion Wine, The Mystical Song, I Shall Be Released, Southern Cross, Helplessly Hoping, Like a Rolling Stone, Old Friends...

These days, music's been happening in the agnostic living room: Josie, Sledgehammer, Layla, Let It Grow, Wonderful Tonight, Clouds From My Head, and Tomorrow for Today. And also flute for ogres and mermaids.

In an effort to expand the mental musical library to get new ideas into the mind (if not new of being contemporary, then at least new to me): Elliot Smith, Nick DrakeBadfinger, some second-half-of-career James Taylor and the lyrically-unchallenging but musically interesting Chicago. Former Philadelphians and presently Californians Cheers Elephant, even in their current, fragmented state, are young, alive...and struggling without their their former lead singer/songwriter, who has a new project, "Secret American", that I am curious to hear.

And this is my college bandmate's current project, Harbor.

The big room in front has turned into a more musical space these past few weeks. Music may not be a way to make a living, but it is a way to live. One day, maybe, human beings will be evolved enough to be able to live just being creative...

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