Monday, February 20, 2017

Philadelphia Independents 2017.

The program:

1. Ross Bollinger: "On the Fly"
2. Nichola Latzgo: "7 O'Clock
3. Peter Heacock (unPOP): "Hogwarts"
4. Cheryl Gelover & Tom Murray (Tulipomania): "Don't Be So Sure"
5. Nick LeDonne: "Hanging"
6. Liz Goldberg & Warren Bass: "Vogueing"
7. Karl Staven: "An Animator's Guide to Everglades National Park"
8. Samantha Gurry: "Gutterball"
9. Ross Bollinger: "The Gap Trap"
10. Ross Bollinger: "The Love Bug"
11. Elliot Cowan: "Brothers in Arms"
12. Lowell Boston: "The Daily Nobody"
13. Andrew Hoffman: "Drawing the Figure"
14. Harvey Benschoter: "Molds"
15. Chris Ferrantello: "Freezer Burn"
16. Ellen Marcus: "Flat Head Zed"
17. Cheryl Gelover & Tom Murray (Tulipomania): Shooting Off the Set
18. Joe Mineer: "The Past Looked Away"
19. Ross Bollinger: "Worm and Fuzzy"
20. Ross Bollinger: "Puppy Love"

As per our tradition of live artist interaction, a question & answer session with the animators will be held after the screening.

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