Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ceruleum visit.

Yesterday we welcomed two students from Ceruleum School of Visual Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland. They will be visiting the University of the Arts for the next two weeks, and taking in as much of Philadelphia as they can.

First stop was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Tea house is my favorite.

The cloister is also full of ambiance, uprooted though it may be.
Calder, with Diana in the background, freshly gilded.
The modern art wing: Dissection of a walk.

Good ol' Marcel.
Otherwise known as "R. Mutt".
Checking out more Marcel.
Wrapping up the Surrealist pit stop.

We went to Chinatown afterwards for good ramen at Naoki's.

The start of an adventure - attending animation classes, heading to New York for a studio tour, checking out the city, and other eventful. A big welcome to our two guests! And thanks to our UArts animator, who accompanied us.

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