Tuesday, March 28, 2017

West Chester & Baldwin Book Barn Expedition.

Second week with our Ceruleum guests. They've been to several classes, including Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Workshops. Elliot, with his frank critiques, made a strong impression. Rounding out the week with Professional Practices, Client Project, and 3D Environments.

We went on a drive today to see more rural views of farms, stone houses, and (still) bare trees.West Chester business, here. Kind of an interesting name, though the reality might be, well...reality.

On the menu on one of the food carts at West Chester University "Hawiian Chicken", whatever that may be.

We strolled around the campus for a few minutes in the drizzle. I'd never set foot there before, so it was interesting to see a traditional campus - this one decent.

Nobody knew what the tall tower was - we asked several people. The squatter structure is a water tower, but the taller thing looked like a former industrial chimney converted to use as a cell phone tower, but that's just hazarding a guess.
There was a door at the bottom of the tower - oddly open and leading into the hollow inside.
Baldwin's Book Barn. Glad it's still around. What a great thing - smell of books and the pot-bellied wood stove. 4 floors of used books in an old barn.
Investigating the different sections, accessible via wooden stairs.
The one cat on display today - big, black one. Friendly.
Instructions to heed.
These former produce crates hold books and their original ad illustrations.

Keeping an eye on the clientele.

This sort of thing puts Ikea in perspective.
I was glad to see my charges enjoy their time amongst the books. Knowledge in this format makes an impression that is unique and valuable, still.

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