Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Green light.

Green light is good in the evening, especially through leaves.

Busy week, but more for students than for me, as they put finishing touches on their films and assignments.

After the semester's done, and after the breath one takes at that time, comes an odd sort of vacuum, but one that asks to be filled.

And there's a lot to be done.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Mostly this blog is about photographs or images accompanied by words. But words by themselves have their own right to be, too, their own weight in the air.

Spring seeping into the world (this part of it), once more. Brings the feeling of restlessness, wanting to be outside, be in touch with the things out there. But the world is changing, my world is changing, with fading players, players coming back into focus, new players, and possible change in status and stability on the horizon as well - rumblings of this earth. Alternately anxious and ready to just fling myself into the unknown, only wondering if the ship is seaworthy.

The question of what is important keeps popping up, here, there, everywhere, like the little figures in whack-a-mole. What to do with one's life, with each day.

Wish I knew more about the nature of reality. The thought that all that we see is a construct created somehow for our benefit by our brains via the limited conduit of our senses - what is behind the mask we believe in, this physical world - this thought hovers behind everything like a reverse veil. And it does seem that the experience of individuality, of the finite, is probably just an accident or a by-product of something larger, or, more fundamental, or...well, we don't have the means to comprehend it. Some have made some good guesses, maybe.

But we are part of that, that "everything".

Things moving fast, but they don't really need to. What is the benefit to "fast"?

Maybe words don't have weight in the air. They have some weight in our minds. But maybe actions, the way we navigate through objects, people, and change, is where real weight lies(?). We use our thoughts to do that as we encounter things.

Who stops to think about it? People think and feel all the time, but how many of us stop to wonder why we do any of this, or what it's all about? At certain times, of crisis or of insight, but we don't know how, society, to get beyond dogs eating dogs, or killing each other (more, people, rather than dogs), to be able to contemplate what's really happening behind the mask, or the theatre set we live in. Not seeing the forest for the trees.

I do like trees, though.

The leaves are coming back.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring the color explosion.

Looking out the window, everything's pink! You feel energy, along with the plants. Spring in your eyes and in your step. And in your nose and lungs, too, if you're unlucky.
And here's a new mango mahogany baby for new musical adventures. Where are you, my fellow pirates?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


A mistake. Chance to see it differently.
Walking the grounds, with lacrosse players blasting AC/DC on the field during practice. Adolescent freedom.
Crossing the Schuylkill, sakura going full steam pink.
Rittenhouse compound from the 17th century. An odd place, 5 or so semi-inhabited buildings that almost look like a community. Would make a great art center were it just a little further from the speeding, rush-hour frenzy off to its side.
Safe in the schist from the big, bad wolf.
Tree with house attached.
 Span across the gulch.
Walking the forbidden drive in the late afternoon early spring sunlight.
Hill, water, and trees brought me here.
People in a setting that brings out their good aspect. Corridor of calm in the middle of the starkness of rich and poor contrasts, urban and industrial grime and grit, reminder of the respite found amongst trees, earth, and water.
Wood architecture. An invitation to look up.
Sun gently breathing on the wooden fence, slightly later.
Two hours of forward movement at one's own pace.
Wrinkled water.
Next to the flow. Who you lived there.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Music at week's end.

Today we played in front of people. It was fun. It was for a good cause. Thanks to Rahul for setting this up and shredding on lead guitar, and to Marie for rhythm guitar and vocals on "One More Night" (Dylan) and "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" (Nancy Sinatra).

The rest of the set: Clapton (Let It Grow, Layla, Wonderful Tonight), Sister Golden Hair (America), and "Clouds From My Head" (Himself).

And here we have the night before, with the Mischievers Meetup once again, after a month-long hiatus. Snuck in on bass at the last moment on Marion's new composition, with Norm on lead guitar.

A weekend with music on the plate.  Even had some karaoke in the house on Friday. Unfortunately, no record of that exists(!). More to come, though.

Somehow, tomorrow is Monday.