Tuesday, April 11, 2017


A mistake. Chance to see it differently.
Walking the grounds, with lacrosse players blasting AC/DC on the field during practice. Adolescent freedom.
Crossing the Schuylkill, sakura going full steam pink.
Rittenhouse compound from the 17th century. An odd place, 5 or so semi-inhabited buildings that almost look like a community. Would make a great art center were it just a little further from the speeding, rush-hour frenzy off to its side.
Safe in the schist from the big, bad wolf.
Tree with house attached.
 Span across the gulch.
Walking the forbidden drive in the late afternoon early spring sunlight.
Hill, water, and trees brought me here.
People in a setting that brings out their good aspect. Corridor of calm in the middle of the starkness of rich and poor contrasts, urban and industrial grime and grit, reminder of the respite found amongst trees, earth, and water.
Wood architecture. An invitation to look up.
Sun gently breathing on the wooden fence, slightly later.
Two hours of forward movement at one's own pace.
Wrinkled water.
Next to the flow. Who you lived there.

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