Sunday, May 7, 2017

New journey.

It doesn't take much to reorient one's sense of reality - the fragility of these threads, the significance of our ties...just a few words change a person's life irrevocably.

A friend's shocking news the catalyst for viewing existence from a more sober perspective, realizing that time truly is precious - you hear those words but it is difficult to grasp their subjective meaning until that moment arrives when everything is suddenly reappraised.

The infinity of childhood just a phase we pass through, like everything else. It makes sense to say we should not get too attached to all of this, though it's hard to imagine how not to, as our bodies react to every nuance we experience.

Who we thought we were can quickly become irrelevant, though we still have to navigate through the practical drudgery of providing for our continued functioning. Life is profound, but we spend time doing our best to ignore that, encouraged by distractions calculated to make us feel otherwise...

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