Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hana, June 2017.

North ocean perspective.
Naupaka on the rocks.
Cloud, sky, wave, lava.
Receding pandanus gumline.
Ant-sand beach.
 Patterned up.

Jewel water.

Men's room.
Courtyard fountain contemplative.
The writing's on the table.

Hibiscus fountain.

Good weather today, starting angry/grumpy but becoming happy and relaxed as we made the entire, bumpy round (bumpy after grumpy), looking for a Hawaiian man who knew the gibbons, via the waitress (who gifted us a kama'aina price for the Coke float), driving past the aviator without noticing, stopping for ice cream bananas, and coming up on ranch rain at the end, discovering Sgt. Pepper and the mechanical nosehair clipper waiting, and the combo washer/dryer, shaking the house.

A good day.

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