Friday, June 9, 2017

(Westward) ho, brah!

Barnes & Noble: "there are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder..."
Early morning exit from PHL.

The East-West axis of the Center of the City.
Casting long shadows in the early morning.

PDX pitstop. Grey drizzle of the Pacific Northwest.
Leaving for green dots in the middle of blue (the weather cleared a bit).
Columbia canal on the way out.
Somewhere nowhere.
First glimpse of green.
Emerald mountainside.

Poha basket, waiting to be turned into jam.
Fern frondelles in the eucalyptus floor.
Bird nest relocated.
Cat foreground and background.
Flock of paradise.
Porch beauties.
Fern heads on the porch.
Speck in a vastness.
Couple of paradise.

Translucent morning.
Blue and purple accent.
Sundial cat.

This place embraces you as soon as you step off the plane. The world feels like it's on the television set, somewhere else. Birds chatter to wake you, and spam musubi is the devil's treat after tennis.

The sun, the ocean, the plants...all a salve for over-sensitized souls.


  1. love your photos man! especially the sundial cat :) also the flock of paradise.. thats nice to see because my parents have the same flowers in front of their house. also, spam musubi is AWESOME.

    1. Hey, Mr. Guitar-man, anyone who likes SPAM musubi is alright in my book. : D