Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Possible logo.

...with potential merchandising!

+ mugs, bumper stickers, decals, tattoos...the possibilities are endless. We should probably sell out right now and bypass the "starving, working-band phase". Could be a whole marketing empire even before the band exists, huh. Time is ripe to adopt a Post-Post-Modern attitude.

Monday, August 21, 2017

More dreaming...

It's time for a logo and a business card - when you start exposing yourself, you need a card to hand out to give people something to try and figure out. Haven't come up with a logo, yet (this branding thing is pretty serious, these days).

Dreamers can make stuff up.
Dreamers may have difficulty getting things through to reality.
Dreamers take their time.
It's possible to be out of sync with schedules, responsibilities, and other people if you are a dreamer.
There are different sorts of dreamers: benign, benevolent, obsessive, calm, big picture, slow burning, etc.
But to be a dreamer, you need to forget about things a little bit, take a step or two back from all the details of existence, for better or for worse, or both. If the devil is in the details, then god must be in the big picture (if you look at it that way).
If you want to be a dreamer, you need to practice staring at waves and clouds, or listening to the wind, or watching ants, or even just taking naps.
Some dreamers have their head in the clouds. Some, their feet. Dreamers have been accused of having their heads in other places as well, but that's the opinion of those who have forgotten that we are all dreamers in the end.
There's no excuse for dreaming. None needed, because, try life without dreaming...you will go crazy.

Depending on how you look at it, this is all a dream, anyway.

Actually, I don't know who Thomas is. Probably a friend.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How to Spend the Afternoon When You Should Be Doing Other Things.

Some days you really should be doing something else, but you get grumped up and need a little push to make it all...worthwhile.

So today turned into an afternoon of "What'll we wear at our upcoming gig?".

Started out simply: "Casual Whatever Dude", "I'm just here to jam and be happy, people. Endless blues jam? No worries. Pass the microbrew."
Move forward to The Edge, with a serious message for all the slackers subsisting out there in Fishtown and South Philly.
Slight variation on that theme, going for cool and slightly menacing, as befits the still rebellious and not quite emotionally mature, middle-aged person.
Moving into "Jazz Dude Playing for Yuppies with Disposable Incomes" and retro 1970's FM radio tastes (it's cool to like your parents' music).
Lounge guy resuscitated from the 1960's, "Hey, there!".
Can't believe how much fun I'm having, yeah baby.
Younger idiom. Gotta admit, this was the most comfortable, the most pleasantly marginal.
Playing the grooves at the local Earth Day and Farm to Table fĂȘte. The holes in the jeans are authentic, carefully nurtured through the course of a couple decades or so.
Slightly more mature version of the above, replete with Salvation Army sports jacket.

So there! Some folks may think there are better things to do with one's time, but I say, whatever gets you to Nap Time works just fine when you're having an existential moment.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Secret Asian Band at the Headhouse.

This looks like it was "Fearless" (Pink Floyd).

A fun evening at Saito-san's convivial Headhouse, open mic hosted by Rob Buscher, who also played blues guitar and sang, and whose sister stole the show with just her voice and an acoustic guitar. Photo courtesy of Sharon, Patrick's missus. Patrick, our fellow Mischiever, played an energetic set of Los Lobos and the Dead. I would've stuck around for the post-open mic jam, but it was Pumpkin Hour, and good, general policy to leave early rather than stay too long.

First time playing after a few weeks of traveling, stomach trouble, and too much work at work, between the three of us. A little rough around the edges, but it was good to get out and face (and play) the music.

Party tomorrow chez Rahul with more playing, and it looks like we may have landed ourselves an October gig in Chinatown...on an actual stage.

Now we're in for it. Rock'n'rolllllllllllllll!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

One more round...

From jazz under the rafters at Parker Pie (top image), to Bread & Puppet's hippie polemics, with their Pine Tree Acre at right, a good ten degrees cooler than its neighbor the fields, the varied stopping points of interest and activity in the Green Mountain place, with their distinctly inimitable personalities and flavors.

Mountain cleft at the top of Mt. Wheelbarrow.
From Mount Wheelbarrow, a morning's hike.
Cracks in the crown.

The path fades out but comes back as one heads to the dock, and then stops abruptly on the water, where if you are the Preferred One (or Peter Sellers) you can keep walking.

Old barber entrance.
Trevor surveys Shadow Lake.

Last light before the Shadow Lake recedes into the evening.

Grand Isle and then...

Standing near the dock of the bay.

Little flyer in the General Store lured us to...
...an open mic in a little marina at the end of the Northern Hero. Accidentally acquired an extra Snark, but mailed it back eventually.

Odd arrangement (mic faced the bar), but it was good to play in front of the bar patrons (any chance he gets).

Church Street jazz.
 After the Echo, mermaid on the shore.
Kayak afternoon.
Echo sculpture.
But are you, really.
And the Bern goes on.

Painted onto the windshield.

Fast world passing by.

Grand Isle it is.

Empty roads on the island, where asphalt greets grass, trees, lake, clouds, and sky.
 Lakeside route.
Champlain is big enough to feel like a small ocean. It is half of what you're aware of all the time. The other half is the strip of land you're on.

Boys will be...dicks. Sometimes. Ah, testosterone.