Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday wandering.

Ottawa, it is almost time to leave you again. Something gained from each experience, though this time was a little bittersweet. The sunny weather put a nice tint to everything. First time here was in 2001. Will this be the last time? Never say never, but it would be handy to be invited back with a film in the proceedings.

This building has changed stores a few times at least over the years...
DreamingThomas finds its way to the theatre again.
The ceiling pool in the National Art Gallery. They're doin' it, right.
Bye bye to Pierre-Marc and Chantal...many years of warm welcomes and great breakfast conversations. Thank you for being a big part of the festival for me.

Zombie in the garden.

 : D

Thought I was doing a shaka. Hope it was sign language for "love".
New filmic research: urban patterns.
Little guy on the street. Got a little song practice in today, trying to memorize lyrics.
The Rideau Canal, looking towards the Ottawa River at Golden Hour, Chateau Laurier on the right.

 The observer being observed.
 More observing.
This looked better with real eyes.

Early morning drive tomorrow with two vans of students and two colleagues. This was certainly the sunniest of Ottawas. Lots of great films. I'm not inclined to be earnestly critical anymore. It's not the way to best enjoy them. But I do appreciate the good things.

Going to bed watching a little Quebec news...

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday in Ottawa.

Back to this little guy, lurking on theatre seats.
Louise's "Maman", in front of the National Art Gallery on a blue sky day.

Hot peppers at the Byward Market. Walked around a bit this afternoon, looking for something nice.
Not so sure about this.

Tomorrow's the last full day in Ottawa. Tonight the festival awards were...awarded. It's basically over, though there are screenings still to be...screened.

All things must pass, when they happen in time.

Ottawa Friday

Another great day of screenings at the festival. And today, the  Animator's Picnic.

Here in the double-decker bus on the way to Strathcona(?) Park for food, beer, and rencontres. I've never carved a pumpkin here, just taken photos.

Today was relaxed and sunny. Tomorrow it's more "Meet the Filmmakers". The first day's crowd of artists was surprisingly articulate. Today's experience was different, with some degree of incoherence, some interesting points, and a wandering host who let one thing go on a long time.
The first-prize pumpkin.

Bus interior texture.
For several years I have walked past these tissue holders. Thought of acquiring one but am now content just to take a picture.

Dreaming Thomas have found their way to Canada. No gigs just yet, just traces in odd places. So far it hasn't affected record sales, but we expect to see an Ontario spike soon...

Friday, September 22, 2017

Thursday in Ottawa.

Full day watching movies, but with some time spent outside, too. This is a view from inside the National Art Gallery, attending the International Panorama screening. Panorama films are deemed not good enough for competition but worthy of being screened at the festival.

So, looking forward to jogging down by the river, it was unfortunately the case that the river path is being renovated and so most of it is closed on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River. Don't know why, but I will check out the Quebec side in the morning, going across the Alexander Bridge. The weather's been the best I've ever experienced here, and that's since 2002.

Walked around downtown, past a Peace Day demonstration/gathering in front of the Parliament buildings. Went into a shopping/business building to get a Subway lunch, then headed back on the pedestrian street to the auberge. Ottawa is not big, and not small, with a comfortable tourist zone with its covered market and many hamburger pubs, as well as Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian restaurants.

Tomorrow is the Animator's Picnic, an opportunity for photo-taking at the pumpkin carving contest. Sunday will be interesting, as the festival will essentially be over, leaving a full day for sightseeing and doing work.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ottawa Animation festival 2017.

Drove up with two vans full of animation students and two fellow teachers yesterday, during a warm, sunny day. A pleasantly uneventful trip followed by the evening screening of Competition Shorts, Program 1. Bumped into a few folks and sang "Hey Bulldog" at the karaoke party, then headed back to the auberge for to sleeping.

Here with Karl and Chantal, back at her Auberge des Arts. Looking forward to seeing way too much great animation and enjoying the river.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Recordering session.

So here we are at Adderly Road Recording Studios and Pizza Restaurant, contemplating our first hit making session.

A historic moment. Probably going on the DVD extras.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Chestnut Hill

Never heard of the guy. Mild Magee, maybe. And certainly Dirty and Fibber Magee...

The good ol' days, when racquets were experiments.
(Not the) Farmer's Market. More a place to find funkily upscale home decor for your Chestnut Hill mini-mansion.

Washboard band. Pretty good.

Parking situation.
Maui transplant owners, serving up good kine local grinz. Now there are two Hawaiian food restaurants in town...what a luxury!

Tradewinds serves up the kind of comfort food you would expect to see on Tutu's table with family. Oney ono!

How do people from Upcountry end up in Philadelphia...

"I don't know, I don't know."

Neil, doing some mental self-wrestling on the ranch.

And a little earlier that day, back at high school.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rock'n'roll cello.

Went to the Mann this evening to see 2 Cellos, which turned out to be a gut-string rock band. A couple of Croatian guys out to make a buck...a lot of bucks, actually, catering to some pretty low, common musical denominators. I could see them busking it - their act had that sort of "keep 'em entertained", barely-disguised-disdain sort of humor. What a colossal waste of talent, but heck, the tickets were on UArts, and the music hall itself is beautiful. It was a nice night out. Definitely would go back to see something good.

Getting late. Tea's getting cold. Time to head off to Dreamland...

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Band practice.

Band practice tonight: covers for our Chinatown Arch and Riverpark Pub gigs in October. Also aiming to play some acoustic/coffeehouse gigs with originals as well.

Jerry's our bassist-in-residence for these two outings while Norm's away traveling. Tonight we also had Cap's bud Ron on percussion. Ron's an O'ahu boy, and it was a happy coincidence to have a soul brother from Hawai'i in the room this evening. A calm presence, and very solid on percussion, alongside Cap.