Sunday, February 25, 2018

Philadelphia Independents 2018, Mach V

Many thanks to the Plastic Club for your ongoing enthusiasm in supporting this, the fifth annual screening of Philadelphia Independents. You are a wonderful audience, energetically supportive, eager for the unexpected, and ready to enjoy yourselves. I would specifically like to thank Plastic Club president Rick Wright for lending his conscientious and positive energy to the organization of this event. I would also like to acknowledge members Cynthia Arkin, Mike Guinn, Susan Stromquist, Anders Hansen, and participating filmmaker Andrew Hoffman for their behind-the-scenes efforts. Last and nowhere near least, Bob Lee, for his technical and artistic skills, his curiosity, and his unflinching dedication and enthusiasm, without which this screening would be much more challenging to put together than I would care to contemplate.

The Q & A was admittedly long, but the audience persevered and asked great questions, and hopefully the artists felt recognized and rewarded for their hard work.

*photos courtesy of Chris McDonnell

*photo courtesy Bob Moore

It is always a great pleasure to see such variety of perspectives and backgrounds. Here are the animators, in alphabetical order:

Lowell Boston (Falling Sky) - longtime faculty member at the University of the Arts, Lowell also teaches/has taught at Philadelphia University, MICA, and the Art Institute. Lowell is well-versed in both character and experimental forms of animation. Present for the screening.

Elliot Cowan (Property of Tipp City - The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead) - UArts faculty member Elliot Cowan hails from Australia, resides in New York, and has made a reputation in the international animation community for his Box and Roundhead series and feature film.

Rusty Eveland (Another Bad Idea, Everything Must Go) - is a 2010 UArts Animation alumnus who paints, plays music, and traveled twice with me to France as a member of the Summer Animation Workshop held in Poitiers and Angoul√™me, France. Present for the screening.

Chris Ferrantello (Mad Men of Cardboard) - accomplished fine artist and editorial illustrator published in, amongst others, the New York Times, Esquire, Sony Music, and others, Chris brings this perspective to his animated films, which have screened at many festivals, including Sundance. Present for the screening.

Ryan Gilchrist (Found Town) - lives in Tokyo.

Samantha Gurry (Jim) - internationally-screened animator Sam Gurry is an alumna of the University of the Arts and California Institute of the Arts, and is pursuing a career as an independent, experimental animator.

Amy Hicks (Aluminum Breath, ReAdaptation: the Book Series) - is an award-winning artist who teaches photography, video, and mixed media animation at the University of Delaware. Her works often explore transformation, and the creative process that translates an idea into something tangible. Present for the screening.

Andy Hoffman (Terror Train) - is an award-winning, published cartoonist and beloved, long-time member of the Plastic Club who runs the group’s animation screenings, including a great selection of rare and esoteric films. He also gives public presentations on cartooning and animation history. Present for the screening.

Nichola Latzgo (Wake Up Nasty Man, Breakfast Jam, Midnight Snack) - UArts Animation senior Nichola Latzgo has received recognition for her junior film “7 O’Clock” at the Bucks County Film Festival, and many others. Present for the screening. She is set to join the New York animation community after graduating in May.

Chris McDonnell (Pickleman) Chris is an independent cartoonist, animator, and book author and designer. He is highly active in the animation industry, having produced notable tomes on animation luminaries as Pendleton Ward, Ralph Bakshi, and Bill Plympton, amongst others. He teaches or has taught animation coursework at the University of the Arts, Moore College, and other schools. Present for the screening.

Steve Meyer, Jack Kubizne (Avey Tare-Miss Secret, Rudy Bliss FM) a recent Philadelphia transplant, Steve is a graduate of Delaware College of Art & Design and Pratt Institute, Steve, along with friend Jack Kubizne, has been creating animated music videos for over 7 years, with work appearing on Adult Swim’s Toonami block this past December. Present for the screening (Steve).

Bob Moore (Crown of Thorns) Bob is a Plastic Club member who began serious exploration of art-making upon retiring from journalism in 2010. Present for the screening.

Zoe Nowoslawski (Sea Changes) Zoe is an Animation student at the University of the Arts, where she plans to graduate in May. Sea Changes is her Junior Piece. Present for the screening.

John Serpentelli (Kicked Out) is a long-time Animation faculty member at the University of the Arts, former director of Animation Stewdio, with a storied history of children’s animation, including work with Nickelodeon, HBO Family, Sesame Street, and many others.

Karl Staven (Backyard Shadow) - Director of UArts’ Animation program, Karl Staven is an internationally-screened and award-winning creator of independent animation made in a variety of media, including stop-motion, photographic, drawn, and others. Present for the screening.

Oona Taper (Echolalia, Matter Out of Place) a recent transplant to the Philadelphia area, Oona is a multimedia artist and experimental animator. Her work addressees the ways culture, technology, interpersonal interaction and physical space shape subjective experiences of self, body and intimacy. Present for the screening.

Lynn Tomlinson (The Elephant's Song) is an award-winning, internationally-screened interdisciplinary artist, and has taught at several schools including the Towson University (Baltimore, her current post), University of the Arts, Delaware College of Art and Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, Cornell University, and others. Her film, “The Ballad of Holland House”, has been very successful on the festival circuit and we are very pleased to be able to show you her current work-in-progress as a sneak preview, “The Elephant’s Song”. Present for the screening.

Tulipomania (Cheryl Gelover & Tom Murray) (Don't Be So Sure, Who Let You Know) - internationally screened filmmakers and musicians Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray of Tulipomania enjoy regular and increasing festival success with their work, and are unusual in their combination of musical and visual talents. Present for the screening.

Erik Van Horn (Disto 2.0, Brain Wave) is a faculty member at the University of the Arts and has over 20 years of experience in the game and animation industries, having worked on projects, including feature films, for Disney and Hasbro amongst others. In addition to animation and video games, Erik is a fine artist whose paintings are included in over 100 private collections.

Thanks again to all those who support this event and who contributed to a convivial and wonderful experience!

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