links to classes I teach or have taught, and my students' work:

la rencontre animée - international workshop
since 2005, I have co-directed a 2-week animation workshop with Claire Fouquet & Dan Berry for students from the USA, France, and England; we get together in the host country, attend the Annecy festival in the french alps, and create a short piece that treats the theme of cultural difference.
object animation
sophomore-level class that treats under-the-camera techniques, such as pixilation, rotoscope, sand, paper cutout, and stop-motion.

junior animation
students create their own 90-second to 2-minute short, experiencing the thrills and chills of being in charge of all aspects of creation. this class culminates in a public screening at the end of spring semester.

collaborative animation workshop
semester-long course consisting of an interdisciplinary project, where students collaborate with a student from another discipline on a short piece, and a client project, where, working on teams, students create animation destined to serve as a PSA for a non-profit organization.

animation principles
movement design principles based on an understanding of intuitive physics and acting, bringing life to drawings, just as 1930's Disney, Fleisher, and Warner Brothers did.

2d computer animation
a class designed to give students intermediate to advanced level experience with software designed for compositing, special effects, and interactive animation.

sophomore animation
students create their first major personal work, an animated short of 45-60 seconds' duration.


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