friends, colleagues, fellow travelers, & innocent bystanders
work by people I know, like, respect, or get to sit next to sometimes.

dan berry
comics artist, welshman, & mutliple dad

ross bollinger
freelance 2D animator & new kid on the philadelphia block

lowell boston
2D & experimental animation, poetry, hip scootering

jason chen, ian foster, marina gvozdeva
experimental stop-motion, digital 2D, juggling wolvesparadigm art gallery

elliot cowan (& blog)
independent & commercial 2D animation, straight-shootin' down under talk

sandro del rosario ( & blog)
experimental, visually poetic 2D animation, motion graphics, design, tarot card mystic

claire fouquet (& blog)
independent 2D animation, watercolor, bande dessinée, insatiable wanderlust

colette fu
fantastic pop-up book artist & photographer

evan james
animator, compositor, & nascent novelist

rachel gitlevich
animator, painter, & combustible go-getter

benjamin goldman
independent & commercial 2D, stop-motion animation, godawful puns

todd hemker & soyeon kim (& yellowshed blogsoyeon's blog)
independent & commercial 2D animation, greeting cards, housedogs, raft construction

aleson ho
animator, painter, lover of pho

ellen kim
2D & stop-motion independent animation, installation, printmaking, care of humans

magnus kråvik
talented animation student at the arts university college at bournemouth, u.k.

ru kuwahata & max porter (tiny inventions)
independent & commercial 2D, 3D, & stop-motion animation, internationally animated couple

andy & carolyn london
2D & stop-motion independent & commercial animation, writing, new yawk, new yawk

jafang lu
relentless, talented, & literary-minded neo-realist painter, dog whisperer

mike manley
comics, storyboarding, & painting, tireless proponent of all that is drawing

ellen marcus
painting, illustration, motion heads, animation, power tools & home repair

chris mcdonnell (& meathaus, & blog)
2D animation & cartooning, book design, meathaus comics, interior fantasms

nirvan mullick
2D, stop-motion, experimental, & documentary animation, altruistic cardboard arcades

richard o'connor (ace & son, & blog)
in the tradition of independent nyc art animation studios, & with a turtle

sean o'donnell
my partner in rustic, musical alchemy & involuntary crimes against the classical guitar, he is also a renegade programmer par excellence

john russo (& blog)
bees, lavender, and political pondering

jeong-a seong
independent & commercial 2D animation, passion, verve, & korean hot spice

john serpentelli
2D & stop-motion animation, stew, kidstuff, & not-really-for-kids stuff
janelle smith
independent animator, motion heads assistant head, straightener of fringes

michael sporn
veteran nyc animator & prolific blogger, now missed by many

 karl staven
2D, stop-motion, photomation, pixilation, & lego animation, professional whistling & harmonizing vocalizer

thomas thesen (& blog)
2D animation, illustration, character design, old world charm in a tall modern package

rosanna wan (& blog)
I don't know who she is, but her work is cool. what are they up at the royal college of art, eh?

wendy zhao
painter, animator, and currently bill plympton's studio manager in nyc.


& interesting sites, sites of interest...

• animation sage journal
• pencil test depot
• urban sketchers
• etna
• the productive
• lightfoot animation supplies
• glenn vilppu
• s.i.t. (school of international training)
• michael reynolds, architect

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